Nowadays, Slack is a place where work happens, and projects are continuously discussed. A simple message, "Hey, @john can you please finalize the contract with Acme Inc. by Monday 9 am" can be treated as a ToDo "finalize the contract with Acme Inc." assigned to @john with a due date of "Monday 9 am". Most companies produce tons of different ToDos during the workday.

Those ToDos are too small for anyone to want to track them in JIRA or other heavy task management systems. And it happens that those ToDos are get lost in the conversations. To prevent it, we created a ToDoBot.

ToDoBot is a productivity app that helps you and your team to work better, organize, and prioritize work without leaving Slack. Create ToDos for yourself and your team for each #channel or direct message to get things done.


To add ToDoBot bot to your workspace, please follow the link.


In the very beginning, you need to create a ToDo. There are different ways to create a ToDo depending on the case:

  1. Message the bot
  2. Use the /todo command
  3. Use the message action
Use "Add to my ToDos" message action
  1. Click the "New ToDo" button

To manage existing ToDos use the dropdown actions. You can check a ToDo, edit it, prioritize with the "Set on fire" button or delete it.

All ToDos accessible for you are displayed on the ToDoBot dashboard. To filter items, use the dropdown with filters.

Filter your ToDos using Feeds dropdown


Often you work on a ToDo with somebody else. ToDoBot lets you easily share ToDos with your teammates. ToDo's sharing can be done in several ways:

  1. Mention a person in a message if you prefer to message the bot or the /todo command
  2. Use the "Shared with" input when creating a ToDo with the "New ToDo" button
Share ToDos using "Share with" field
  1. Use the "Edit & Share" action on the existing ToDo and add a person in the "Shared with" input

Anyone who sees a ToDo can check it, and others will receive a notification.

More complex projects

Many teams use Slack channels organized by team, project, or process. If you use channels to onboard new people, communicate with your clients, or track the development process as we do, you can easily improve those processes by inviting ToDoBot to those channels. 

To invite the bot to a channel, use /invite @ToDoBot command. After the bot is added, all ToDos created in this channel will be connected to the channel automatically.

The other way to add a ToDo to a channel is to select this channel in the "Post to a channel" input. All ToDos related to a channel can be managed from the message that will be automatically pinned to a channel after you invite the bot. If you are managing multiple channels, you might want to use channels filter on your dashboard page to filter all ToDos by a specific channel.

Some teams have already started using new Slack shared channels to communicate with their customers. If you are one of them, you definitely should add the ToDoBot to these channels. ToDoBot can help you create shared roadmaps and easily track progress by both you and your customer.


To unlock reminders feature please share ToDos with at least 3 different people in your team.

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