How to create and share ToDos

There are many ways to create a ToDo:

DM @todobot

Go to Messages tab and type something into your chat with ToDoBot.

Use /todobot command

Start any message with command /todobot and follow it with your Todo. Type something like /todobot Pay bills and press enter. To create a task in a private or shared channel, please make sure to /invite @todobot first.

Use a message action

To use a Message action, choose any message, press the “More actions” button with three dots and choose “Add ToDo” from the menu. If you can’t see ToDoBot there, go to “More Message shortcuts”, type in ToDoBot in a search bar. The app should now be available at the “More Actions” menu.

Mention @todobot

Type something in any channel and mention @todobot. To use this feature, make sure that the bot is invited to your channel.

Click New ToDo in the Home tab

Go to the Home tab of the ToDoBot app and click the “New ToDo” button. Create and save your ToDo.

Use the "New ToDo" Shortcut

Press the “Lightning” button at the bottom of the message bar to access Slack shortcuts and type in “new todo”, then create and save your task.

Still haven’t got ToDoBot in your workspace? 🤔

No worries, now it is the best time to give it a try.
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