Templates allow you to assign multiple tasks to different users at the same time. This can be especially useful for repetitive tasks, the ones people tend to take turns doing, and the ones that should be assigned to several users. Using templates you won’t have to create the same ToDos over and over again, you can just click one button instead.

To create a new template, go to the Home page and choose Create New Template from the dropdown menu.

Then create a name for the template and choose the most suitable icon.

After that click the New Item button to create new ToDos for the template.

Here you need to type in your future ToDos.

After adding all the ToDos that you need, click the Use Template button.

Here you need to choose the users you want to assign the tasks to. After you press Submit, all the tasks will be assigned to the mentioned users.

You can find the assigned tasks in the list created by the template. You can use the same template multiple times and assign the tasks to different users.

Still haven’t got ToDoBot in your workspace? 🤔

No worries, now it is the best time to give it a try.
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