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Task Management App for Slack

Track small day-to-day tasks without leaving the chat!
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Task Management 
App for Slack

What is ToDoBot?

ToDoBot is a productivity and task tracking app that helps you and your team work together, organize, and prioritize your tasks without leaving Slack.  This can be of much use for the tasks that are too small to be tracked using the “heavy” task management systems. Using ToDoBot you can create ToDos for yourself and for your team for each #channel or direct message.
What is ToDoBot

Creative way to use

Simple yet powerful

ToDoBot has all the features you'd expect from a task-tracking app.
- Create individual tasks
- Assign them to your teammates
- Set deadlines
- Organize tasks in lists
- Use checklist templates
- Integrate with Slack Workflows

Easy to install

You don't need to register or invite your people. Once ToDoBot is added to your Slack, it's immediately available to all your teammates.

Customizable dashboard

Track all your projects from one place. Use Lists, Pages, Filters and Views to finely control which ToDos you see on your ToDoBot's home page in Slack.

Works in shared channels

Use ToDoBot to track customer issues, assign onboarding checklists and collaborate on joint projects.

Integrates with Slack Workflows

Automate your internal processes with ToDoBot workflow steps. Assign checklists to newcomers, turn notifications into tasks or configure complex IT workflows right in Slack.


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There is a better way to work.

Start using ToDoBot today!
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