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Using ToDoBot with your clients in shared channels

ToDoBot can be used for simplifying task tracking in channels shared between different teams. This allows you to manage tasks more effectively together with your clients or colleagues from other teams. To start working in a shared channel go to Slack Connect menu and click the #Create a channel button.

Then invite people from outside your workspace into the channel.

After that you need to invite ToDoBot into the channel. To do so, you can mention @todobot, click Send and choose the Add to channel option in the next window.

After that the bot creates a thread where you can see all the ToDos in the channel. The bot pins the thread so that the ToDos are always easy to see. In this thread it is possible to view ToDos, create, and manage them.

You can work together with your clients or partners here, it is possible to create ToDos that the clients will be able to see. This can be a convenient feature in shared projects, when it is important for the clients to have the opportunity to see and track progress and give feedback in one place.

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