How to upgrade ToDoBot and assign seats

The free plan of ToDoBot App allows you to have up to 10 open ToDos. If you need to create more tasks, you may need to upgrade to a different plan. To do so, you need to press the ⬆️ Upgrade Plan button on the home page.

After that you will get on the page showing your current plan. To change it, you need to press the Change Plan button.

Then choose the plan that you find the most suitable, set the payment method and confirm the payment.

If your team is using the Starter or Growth plans, for you it is possible to assign the 5 or 20 people, who will be able to use the unlimited  open ToDos, while for the others the plan will still be limited to 10 open ToDos.
To do so, you need to click the Manage Subscription button on the Home Tab.

After that you can select the users that will be able to create an unlimited number of tasks. To set the users press Select users in the Paid Users section.

After that you need to select the users you want to give the access to unlimited ToDos to, and click Confirm.

Once you have assigned the seats, you can see all the admins and paid users on this page. Here it is also possible to change the chosen users, if it is necessary.

Still haven’t got ToDoBot in your workspace? 🤔

No worries, now it is the best time to give it a try.
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