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Working on a project in Slack

Today a lot of the work on any project happens in Slack, which means that it becomes more and more important for it to be organized.

One of the ways to organize working on projects is to create a separate Slack channel for each of them. There it will be possible to communicate on the tasks and discuss the important moments. And in order to keep track of all the tasks that appear along the way, it can be a good idea to try using ToDoBot. ToDoBot integrates into a Slack channel and allows you to work with ToDos right there, without having to use any additional apps.

In order to use ToDoBot for task tracking in a public channel, the first thing you need to do is to invite the bot into the channel. After that the bot creates a thread where you can see all the ToDos related to the channel. The bot pins the thread so that the ToDos are always easy to see.

While working on a project, it is possible to use Slack channels for all the communication on the project. Here you will be able to discuss the work that is going on in the project, to create ToDos and keep them all right in the channel. It often happens that there are several projects you work on, so there is an opportunity to set up your home tab so that it will display all the information you need in a convenient way.

One of the ways to collect the tasks from all of your projects is to create a Page that will help you join several feeds in one place.

Here you will be able to see all the tasks are sorted by the feeds they come from.

Another way to collect all the tasks from several projects in one place is to create a View. A view allows to sort the tasks that were assigned to or by certain team members or mentioned in specific channels.

In this form you will be able to choose the sources the ToDos will be collected from, and how they will be sorted. There is also an opportunity to share the view with other users.