Tracking customer issues in Slack shared channels

ToDoBot can be used for simplifying task tracking in channels shared between different teams. This allows you to manage tasks together with your clients or colleagues from other companies more effectively. To start working together with members of other teams, you need to create a shared channel.

While working in a shared channel, you can discuss the details of the project with the clients and track the process of fulfilling the tasks without leaving the channel. The bot creates a thread, where you can see all the ToDos in the channel. The thread is pinned so that the ToDos are always easy to see. Here it is possible to view ToDos, create, and manage them, and to track the progress.

A client in a shared channel is able to see the ToDos created in the channel and to track their progress. After they install ToDoBot into their workspace, they can complete tasks using the Complete button, and edit them, using the Edit & Assign button. Also they can track the progress of completing the tasks in the upper bar.

If they need to create tasks for the team, they can do it from the messages bar and using the New ToDo button. The tasks that they add won’t be shown in the thread, but they will be posted in the channel, and will appear on the Home Page of ToDoBot App.