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Simplifying repetitive tasks in Slack

Sometimes there can be many repetitive tasks that have to be done on a regular basis, like preparing reports, filling in forms, sending requests, etc. To simplify performing this type of tasks, you can create a workflow with scheduled reminders that will send the users reminders and assign ToDos at the scheduled time.

For this type of workflow it is necessary to choose the “Scheduled date and time” category.

After you select the category, you need to set the date and time your workflow will start, and the frequency at which it will be repeated.

Then create a message that will be sent to the channel of the project at the scheduled time and date. It is also possible to send the message not to a channel, but directly to the person it needs to be assigned to. You can include a button, so that the receiver will be moved to the next step of the workflow only after clicking it.

After that add a ToDo. Here you need to type in the ToDo text and to specify to whom it will be assigned. There is also an option to add the task into lists.

After you have added all the workflow steps, press the Publish button.

When the set time comes, the workflow sends a message to the channel, and after a user clicks Ok, this task appears on their ToDo list.