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Passing tasks from the web to Slack

There can be cases when you need to transfer your tasks from the web straight into Slack. For instance, this can be useful for QA specialists, when they are testing a website and adding the bugs and errors into a ToDo list straight away.
It is possible to use the ToDoBot Chrome extension for these purposes. To start working you need to install the extension into your browser.

After the installation is finished, the extension is shown in the Chrome extensions bar. If you click the extension icon, it shows the ToDo list on the right side of the page. In this tab you can see the open and closed tasks that you have.

In the upper part of the tab there is an option to create a new ToDo. To add a new ToDo you can just type the task into the field in the upper part of the bar and press Enter.

It is also possible to create tasks from any text you find on the web. In order to add a ToDo you need to select any text on the website and choose the Add & Share option.

In the next form you can edit the task and choose the ways to share it, if it is needed. It can be convenient to add all the tasks from the website into a separate list. After you finish adding ToDos from the website, you will be able to find the list of the tasks on the bot’s homepage.