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Collecting bugs and errors in Slack

ToDoBot can be of great use for collecting bugs and errors as well. While working on a project in a Slack channel there can be different problems that need to be fixed. One of the ways of collecting them is to create a List for the bugs and errors from all the projects.

To create a list you need to fill in this form. Here you can choose the name for the list, set an icon, and choose the people or channels to share it with.

Then you will be able to add the bugs and errors as ToDos belonging to the specified list. To do so, you need to use the Add to lists option and choose the list you want to add the task to. After that the task will appear in the list on the Home tab.

There is also an option to use Slack Workflows and Emoji reactions to add tasks into the list.
To create a workflow, you need to go to Slack Workflow Builder. Then click the Import or Create button to create a new workflow or to import an existing one.

After that you need to create a workflow and name it.

Then choose the Emoji reaction option as the way to start the workflow.

In the next window choose the channel you want to add the workflow to, and the emoji that needs to be used in order to start the workflow.

Next add steps into the workflow. The most important of them is to create a ToDo belonging to a specified list. After you finish adding the workflow steps press the Publish button.

The workflow starts when someone uses the chosen emoji reaction.

After that the task appears in the list.